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I am a fan of specialization and marvel at the expertise that unfolds in individuals practiced in a given field. Most of my interaction is with executives and entrepreneurs who certainly qualify as experts.  But I also interact with professors, researchers,  physicians and financiers who are clear experts in their fields.  Experts rock.

Even the world’s most prominent expert can be better given the benefit of thought leadership and best practices from other fields.  I see it  all the time  as I [attempt to] explain the implications of abundant computing and the internet to executives and entrepreneurs.  Rock star global CFO, COO, CEO, marketing exec, PhD pharmaceutical researcher, etc.,  is blown away when I sit down and show them the computing capabilities available at little or no cost.  And these people are brilliant, so it is not a matter of cognitive capability.  Age does not explain it either.  In some cases, I have seniors who can go toe-to-toe with any alpha geek and in other cases, recent college graduates who haven’t got a clue.  So we will work on closing these gaps at Executive Engines.

Executive Engines is a forum to share ideas and to engage with thought leaders, through comments and guest posts.  Jump in.

Fair warning, I intend to play the role of provocateur. Edge cases and more extreme ideas tend to drive clarity and insight.

Welcome to the conversation.   db

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